Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Soccer is Tight...

I have officially decided being a pro soccer player in Europe is one of the coolest jobs in the world. Marko and I went to the BVB Dortmund vs. Bremen bundesliga game this past weekend and it was amazing. I guess Dortmund's stadium is one of the biggest in Europe, holding 85,000 people, and it, my friends, was LEGIT.

The fans all have their flags and they chant songs. It was awesome. Dortmund ended up winning 1 - 0 on a penalty kick but their were about 123345235909 other chances to score. Marko and I were both a little sad that no other goals were scored, but it was exciting nonetheless.

After going to the game we got back and a bunch of our teammates came over to hang out. We ended up finding our way to Dortmund again that night, going to this club called Prisma (spelling?). I think it was definitely my favorite bar/club I have been to in Germany thus far. Let's just say, Saturday was a LONG day.

The night before, we had our game for the week. The team was young and garbage and it was very difficult to focus on the game. I actually only played probably 7 minutes. 5 in the first quarter and than I got my second foul early in the 2nd and by half, we were already up by like 25. The young Germans got big minutes throughout the game and it was great to see how much they have improved over the year. I was happy to let them have their moment and stick it to the other team throughout the second half. We ended up winning by almost 50 while scoring 126 points, of which, I had none. I took one shot that hit the back rim and my line for the day was probably 0 points, 5 assists, 5 rebounds, 2 FOULS in 7 minutes of play. Woo hoo, go me....

Congrats to Trev's second men's team who won their league championship on Sunday and than bbq'ed all night at our apartment. Good times. Also, big ups to Amherst Women's Hockey for winning the national championship this past weekend. Mucho respect. Of course, congrats to Amherst Women's Basketball for killing it and reaching the National Semi's as well. Great work. Gotta keep that Amherst pride.. JEFFS FOR LIFE

UMMMMMMMMMMM, on SUNDAY Fletcher, Andrew, and I begin our European trip! We are all extremely excited and I think we may do something crazy before we begin the trip, but that, of course, will be for a later post. After all, if I aint gonna do something crazy now, when the hell else will I? Probably never... We fly to Venice on Sunday night and the mayhem begins. I will try to update the blog as much as possible but who knows how much internet we will have.

I hope everyone is doing well back in the States and I miss you all. If anyone wants to improve his/her bball game this summer, there is a private basketball instructor waiting to be hired and his name is ME. Let me know... email me, do whatever.. mgoldsmith08@gmail.com... I know some of you young studs at Delbarton read this blog, so hit me up, facebook me.. do whatever... I will be home April 19th and I cant wait to see Brooke in Barcelona on the 11th, my fam on the 19th and my friends thereafter... MUCH LOVE


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Here's another video of the Dortmund soccer fans singing (it's not the game who attended):
I like the part beginning at 2:10 min