Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Christmas Comes Early...

It looks as though my Christmas break has come a bit early. I am going back to New Jersey tomorrow until the first week of January when I come back to dominate zee Germans once again. I think I am going to continue blogging while I am home. Hopefully, I am going to help out at Delbarton with the basketball team and maybe get a part-time job to have some cash available (if anyone knows a good part-time job I could have, please contact me).

Honestly, I am SO PSYCHED to watch the NFL, college basketball, and engorge myself non-stop on Thanksgiving. I wanted a picture to show my love for America so I google imaged "quintessentially American," and this is what it gave me, hahahahaha. I am sure one Mr. Reale will be extremely satisfied with this.

I had already decided Thanksgiving would probably be the most depressing day here in Germany and now I get to be home for it! Glorious. Again, I have to give Ivan love for showing me loyalty and wanting me to come back in January.. Awesome stuff.

So, on a side note, we lost last Saturday. I met with the Dr. prior to the game, and here is essentially what he told me, "I have seen your Xrays and your MRI and from what I can see here, you have a very bad bone bruise. Basically, the bone in your foot is bending and if you continue to play, it will inevitably break, BUT if you want to play today you can." Great doc... Ivan is sitting next to me when the Dr tells me this and clearly he wants me to play. So I turn to him and say, lets just play it by ear Coach. Clearly, he did not understand that phrase but that was part of the reason I went with it.

The game starts and we are quickly getting demolished, 21 - 6 or so. Ivan turns to me and says, "Can you go?" and I respond, "Just quick spurts coach, nothing too long." So, I go in the game. I pull the best Larry Legend impersonation of my life. Go in, within the first 5 posessions hit back-to-back threes and we cut the lead to 4. No big deal, except for the fact that I was strictly jogging from 3-point line to 3-point line and slowly starting to cringe on each step. We went into halftime down around 5 or so I think.

During halftime though, I told Ivan I just could not play on it anymore and we ended up losing by 22. Trevor fouled out and the refs hated T all day. It was a rough one to watch to say the least.

On another side note, I was quoted in my first politically motivated newspaper article ever on Saturday! Haha.... A woman from our local paper interviewed Trevor and I about Obama's victory and we did our best CNN international impersonations. Everyone here is extremely excited about Obama getting the W. Maybe, the rest of the world will stop hating us.. woo hoo! We have no idea what the article says, but it is hilarious to say the least. Good times. Can't wait to see a bunch of you soon!

America, here I come.


Friday, November 7, 2008

Quick Update...

As of right now, the near future is a bit in the air. After not playing last week because of a sore foot I suffered in the win 2 weeks ago, we are getting a doctor to come to this week's game to give me a full pre-game work-up. Currently, it could be a bone bruise, a soon-to-be stress fracture, or nothing. It is amazing how my body never ceases to fail me.

Big ups to Ivan for having some loyalty in a league where teams run through Americans on a weekly basis. Last week he told me that no matter what the deal was with my foot, he wants me back in Germany on January 5 for the second half of the season. I have been brainstorming ideas of what I could do at home if I came back and the possibilities seem half-way decent. I am not going to lie though, the chance of going home for Thanksgiving and seeing all of my loved ones is EXTREMELY enticing.