Friday, October 17, 2008

Quick Note..

It is my birthday today and days like this when you are half way across the world make you truly appreciate your family and friends from home. I miss all of you but luckily have my boys to hang out with this weekend so that Fletch and I can celebrate our birthdays in style, just as we have done the past 4 years.

On a less serious note, when you work in Germany, people bring in cakes for EVERYTHING. So, yesterday, I had to go to the bakery and purchase 3 cakes for my co-workers. I felt like if I did not bring in cakes, I would have gotten fired. Last day of an internship - cake. Birthdays - cake. You stub your toe over the weekend - cake. No, one of those is not true, but seriously we have had cake at work like 3 times over the past 5 days. It is getting out of control. I have discovered, though, that Germans know how to bake. They also know how to celebrate birthdays. Work got me Zoolander on DVD and many of my co-workers told me "congratulations" as if I had just won the freakin' Nobel Peace Prize. Haha, yes, they say congratulations for birthdays. I think something got lost in the translation there but who knows.

On another side note, it feels good to know that our class at Amherst left a legacy in the Division 3 sporting world. Til next time...


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