Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Productivity.. The Spice of Life

I recently realized just how much I love being productive. First off, a quick story to relay... on a beautiful Sunday afternoon where we did not have much to do, the roommates and I went out and played pick-up soccer against some locals. It was ridiculously fun and we ended up playing for probably around 3 hours. Now, we could have just sat around all day in the sun or just took it easy, but instead, my roommate, Trevor, went out and found us a soccer game to play in. Thats legit and I give Trev mad props for having so much ADD that he drove around in our van til he found something to do.

Embarassingly, however, one of the local youngsters broke Trevor off a little bit of "football" love by not only going through Trevor's legs on a move but also making him fall over... with a damn soccer ball. It was amazing. As I was rolling over in laughter, I quickly remembered that I was still the goalie at the time and if one of my defender's was on the ground, I may be screwed. The kid turned and rocketed a ball to the inside post and scored. Respekt. Us Americans gained their respect too, however, by going undefeated on the day at 4 - 0. I felt like I was a lightning bolt again. Where is Mr. Noonan filming home videos when you need him?

Now, back to the truly productive day. Yesterday, as usual, I got up early and went to work, half sleeping the whole way there. When I arrived, I had a sudden burst of inspired energy and finished an excel spreadsheet followed by a powerpoint presentation. I dont know what I was thinking, but it might have had to do with the fact that the wonderful GMEN lost to the lowly Browns and I was attempting to hold off my depression by focusing on other things. The day went on as usual and I ended up finishing a good amount of stuff.

I got home and instead of taking a quick nap (like I used to do), I went out to run some errands. I purchased a new wallet so that I could keep track of all the annoying change that Euros lead to (their smallest paper bill is a 5), I went to Western Union and sent some money home to me mum, went straight to the gym to lift, and had a nice post-lift shooting session. After shooting, I hit up the grocery store and got this weeks food and than cooked a lovely meal of gnocchi with garlic tomato sauce and mozzy sprinkled over the top. Oh, it was tasty. I went to bed exhausted, full, and satisfied with the day's work. Prior to settling in for my neeps (a strange word that I picked up at Amherst, not really sure how, but I know one M. Bradley uses it quite often) I debated topping this day off by doing some laundry but decided better of it so that I would still have something to do over the next few days. On a side note, I just heard that while Brandon is here, he is taking German lessons. I am jealous, learning a new language is tight.

Speaking of productivity (not really), I am not allowed to ask you to CLICK the stupid advertisement links on the side of my blog! So don't do it damn it (wait a tic)! I was reading an article on how bloggers make money and this is one of them. The more clicks, the better. I will pay for many rounds at either The Office in Morristown or McMurph's in Amherst, I promise. I figured since writing this blog makes me as giggly as this kid, I might as well try to make my blogging experience more PRODUCTIVE. Haha, productivity from a guy who had a giant wooden entertainment center with 3 tv's throughout college, who woulda thought?


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William said...

Dude, who are you? I don't even recognize you anymore.

p.s. I love those days.