Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Clip of the Week!

I have decided to unveil a new feature on my blog... The Youtube Clip of the Week!

Throughout my time here in Germany, I feel that my youtube searching ability has improved tenfold. This may be due to boredom (most likely) or because I have a primal instinct to see videos with english in them or maybe, simply because one Marcus "Ya Boy" Bradley inspires me. Nevertheless, my ability has improved.... thus, my first youtube clip of the week:

This week's clip is an ad campaign from Gatorade called "Mission G." It is a spoof of Monty Python and the Holy Grail and stars one Kevin Garnett. Although you may have seen parts of this on TV, when put together it becomes a wonderful short film. Last night, I was in dire need of a movie and with our DVD player currently on the fritz, this youtube clip had to suffice... and suffice it did...

I know it was a bit long, but I feel it is well worth it! Somehow, a boring week in Germany became most blogworthy... Three posts in one week... Let me know what you think of the new feature... haha..


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